Another One

by Be the Lion

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This is a record I did with my long time friend.We had a good time on this track...


Another One

Uh Huh, Uh Huh
Yeah , Yeah, There goes another one (repeat)


I got another Revolution in my mind
I'm sewing seeds across the creases in your lies
You ain't aware n I could see it in your eyes
Fed lies ever since you were a child
So, what were going to do now
I'm gonna put it down on the ground and I'm out
So, pick it up and pass it along
I love to dance when the rhythm is strong
I'm gone, and ain't nobody ever gonna catch me
A lot has changed on the streets with this rap scene
N I'm rappin cause I love rap
N I'm rockin rock hard, gotta love that
I got a mp3 sound system
Packed my cd's with my tapes Imma miss them
Now we touch screens like a touchdown
It's kind of strange how we're so out of touch now

Yeah , Yeah, There goes another one (repeat)
He fell down couldn't see what he runnin from


Light up the city with a dream and a match
The streets are cold and their calling you back
2-0-9 is my area code
Whats it really mean when about to explode
I hold the mic and i'm letting it out
Thoughts in my brain and words in my mouth
So catch a phrase like your catching a cold
Flow so sick I be coughing up gold

Yeah , Yeah, There goes another one (repeat)
He fell down couldn't see what he runnin from

Written by Stephen Herrera
All Rights Reserved Heavy Crown Records 2012


released June 8, 2012
Be The Lion - "Another One"

Prod. Rumble
J.Intel- Mixing
Beat Head- Mastering
Released 08 June 2012
Heavy Crown Records



all rights reserved


BE THE LION Stockton, California

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